The Internet

The Internet is a computer network that was made in the USA. There the National Science Foundation was involved in the creation of the Internet. The Internet network began sometimes in the 1960´s which will be 50 years ago in this decade. Today the Internet network is accessed by ~2,8 billion of users worldwide which is more than one third of the worlds population. It is used for communication, mass media, information, music, movies and games. If you use a computer with a microphone then you can talk with people all over the world in a similar way like with a telephone but much cheaper. There is also a possibility to have video calls, which means you can see and talk with someone. You will need a webcamera for videocalls. On the Internet there are 759 million websites and on many of them you can learn about history, art, politics and much more. When you use the Internet you often search for information about something. The most popular way to find information is by using a search engine. Search engines work in this way: You search for a word or many words in a search box. Then you will get the result as a list with links to many websites that have the same words that you searched for. Search engines can make it easier to find information on the Internet. There are many websites offering you to use their search engine. If you want to use a search engine you need to type words in the search field and press search. Google is the most used search engine but Startpage is a newer search engine by Ixquick that promises to protect your privacy. Startpage has got a privacy certificate from the European Union. For example the company Google does not have this privacy certificate. The results that Startpage shows are based on Google results but are not the same. You may miss the maps function that Google has when using Startpage. Some people don´t trust the European Union so the privacy certificate would not mean much to them. I hope you will use the Internet being kind to other people.

Written by Michael Nowik.
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