Dietist advices, mistaken-contradictions

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Dietist advices, mistaken-contradictions

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Hi there.
English is just my third language but I will be keep on... there are some advices that I have heard from dietists that are outrageous. Like for example, taking artichokes are misunderstood as alternative medicine. In fact, they were considered medicin in the middle ages, so why not today?
Also I have heard that sandwiches are underrated. A dietist gave me an advice to eat more sandwiches, to gain weight. Should I take their advice seriously, because until now I am not sure, what medicinal value sandwiches have. Maybe I should ask, how to make it more like "medicine"? Should proper food be in the sandwich, like rice, potatoes, or another basic food?
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Re: Dietist advices, mistaken-contradictions

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Artichokes are ofcourse a healthy food. You can eat them today.

Sandwiches are only healthy if the bread is made of whole grain, like "Wasa Husman". Otherwise the bread is unhealthy. There is much information on the Internet about what foods are healthy and which are not. Also cholesterol is important to understand.
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