Barbarism and the Middle East conflict

Submitted by admin on Wed, 07/05/2017 - 10:02

In this world people live and have a civilisation (I mean all that is not wild nature or barbarian) that allows to stop diseases from spreading (bacterias). This happens by the means of finding and cleaning (killing and dissolving) bacteria and dirt.
This happens by the people living in the countries of the world. Because of the lack of belief in police in Sweden the criminals, some are barbarians from muslim countries, have a possibility to destroy parts of the civilisation. It is a time when barbarians from the southern parts of the world migrate to the north to make havoc. Earlier there was a time when goths and vandals went south and made havoc. The war on terror (year 2001 and forward), which was in Irag, Afghanistan and Pakistan, meant that the arabs (arabian culture and religion) learned what war was after very long time of peace. The Syrian conflict may also have created some anxiety and fear in persons from the arab world. They have never before seen modern warfare as we westerners know from Europe and Russia. So this shock can have spread their terror attacks to Sweden down to the level of street gangs of muslim background.