Immigration of people to different countries. The immigration of Jews and Armenians to Poland meant that they could live there thanks to the king of Poland (before the 18th century). The Armenians were working in trade by the silk road. Later it happened that the Jews were attacked by polish people and accused of different crimes (for example circa the 18th and 19th century). The jews in other european countries were also accused of crimes like for example some kind of ritual murder.
In Poland theĀ Armenians were living in for example a ghetto in the polish city Lwow before 1939.
During the World War 2 (1939-1945), Nazi Germany started mass murder of European Jews (circa 2.5 million), gypsies and polish people (not so many of the total number of poles, circa 2.5 million). They murdered these people in Germany but most of the murders where committed in Poland, in the areas they controlled. They built concentration camps, barracks with fences around and guard towers etc. where they took away almost all food from the inmates in Auschwitz and other of the concentration camps. There were lots of inmates who were very starved in the concentration camps and they were killed there in gas chambers and others were shot or starved to death. They also did horrific experiments on living inmates, for example, gypsies, by a Nazi called Josef Mengele who had the position of chief medical officer. This is called the Holocaust.
The Jews are remembering the Holocaust but also europeans. In Sweden the Holocaust is being remembered and there was a Holocaust event in 2015 or 2016.

The polish-Armenians living in Sweden in the 21st century can have psychological problems when confronted with the fact, that the Armenians who lived in Turkey in the beginning of the 20th century (in the year 1915), were mass murdered in the Armenian Genocide. At the same time they now may come to live in a suburb of a bigger Swedish city where there are thousands of Muslims including the Turks and Kurds, who were the culprits of the Armenian Genocide.
The immigrants from Muslim countries have families where the kids do not want to comply with the rules of the Swedish society but live a life of small time crooks who get together in gangs. There seem to be some Turks from these gangs in the Swedish suburbs who are ready to continue the Armenian genocide in Sweden.

In the international world of today there should not be so that a person or family should feel that they are in fear, because of the immigration of Muslims to Sweden. Therefore, if they are afraid or feel not at ease, they should choose a place to live were there still is order.
How the immigration to Sweden will continue, in an orderly way or chaotic (beginning of the 21st century) is all in the hands of the Swedish people.