Stopping ageing

Every good catholic christianlives in the world, but not of the world. Therefore we strive for good things while on earth. Stuff that Jesus taught us to do. For example Jesus did heal people. Nowadays people live to circa 110 years of age. The majority die earlier, about when they are about 70 years old. The holy Bible says we can live to 120 years. So here we can see that we  have about 50 years to live which we do not live. Therefore some of good Catholic christians can pursue an education, so we can work with stopping ageing. If we stop the ageing process in humans. We can then live to 120 years, as is the maximum allowed age by God which we know from the Holy Bible.
I think that maybe 10 to 20% of all workers in the catholic world can start to educate themselves and work to stop ageing. Because we have much progress so that we have already food on the table and hospitals. Now it is a good time I think, to stop the ageing process and all related diseases that comes with aging.

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