Persecution of Christianity

A christian who was killed because he believed in Jesus Christ is
a martyr. The first disciples of Jesus Christ were persecuted.
One of them who persecuted the Christians was Saul of Tarsus.
Later Saul met the resurrected Jesus Christ in a great light from
heaven. He then lost his sight for some time before it was restored
by Ananias of Damascus. He then believed that Jesus Christ is the
Jewish Messiah and son of God. Saul from then on converted and
took the name Paul. When the wars against the Christian
Byzantine Empire began also persecution of Christians began. In
the year 636 the Christian Byzantine Empire lost control over
areas in modern day Lebanon and Syria to the Muslim Rashidun
caliphate. Just 38 years later, starting in the year 674, the Muslim
Ummayad Caliphate had their forces in Anatolia and were
besieging Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire.
During the period of 678 to 1065 the Christian nations had many
wars and conflicts and most of them were with Christians against
Christians. The Muslim Seljuk Turks attacked the Byzantine
Empire in 1065 and advanced westward all the way past Nicea. In
1095 the Christian Roman Catholic pope Urban II decided for a
pilgrimage eastwards to retake Jerusalem and the east from the
Muslims. This is called the First Crusade and the city of Antioch
was taken. In the year 1099 Jerusalem was taken by the crusaders
and they established control over the area there. The Second
Crusade retook all of Cilicia with a victory over the Muslim
Pechengs. The Second Crusade also ended at Antioch in the year
1142. The Christians moved east and were defeated by the Muslim
Turks at the battle of Myriokephalon in 1176. The western coast of
Anatolia was still in control of the Christians. There the Muslim
Turks were defeated in the Battle of Hyelion and Leimocheir in the
year 1177. The crusaders were in Jerusalem later and held that
important city for a time. Pilgrims from Europe were safer to visit
Jerusalem when there were Christian forces there. Earlier some
pilgrims from Northern Europe were killed when there were no
Christian soldiers protecting them. The Muslim Ottoman Empire
attacked Europe during the following centuries and in the 17th
century they were as far north as Austria and Crimea in the east.
They controlled the taken territories and the Christians living
under the Ottoman rule were for example persecuted and raped in
some cases. In 1655 to 1660 the swedish lutheran nation attacked
Poland and there were christian Catholics killed in great numbers
together with looting. The Ottoman Turks were attacking the city
Vienna (now in the country Austria) in 1683 but they were stopped
by European forces led by the polish king Jan Sobieski III outside
the city of Vienna. The conflict between European countries and the
Ottoman Empire ended with a defeat for the Ottoman empire. In
France the french people did a revolution which had political plans
against christianity. It could have been christian martyrs there
when many people were killed. During the 19th century the Muslim
Ottoman empire started to lose territory in Europe. During 1894 to
1915 the Muslim Turks in Anatolia killed over 1.5 million
Christians living there. The events with mass killings etc. that
began on the 24th of april 1915 are called the Armenian Genocide.
The revolution in Christian Russia in 1917, controlled by the
communists, started much persecution of Christianity in Russia and
Europe during the 20th century. The communists were atheist and
anti religious. In Germany the Nazi party gained power in the 1930s
and the Nazi-dictature killed a Catholic priest in Poland during
World war 2. The communists killed a polish priest in Poland in the
20th century. Jerzy Popieluszko. In 1991 the Soviet Union dissolved
and Christianity tarted to be more allowed again in Russia and the
other countries that had been Soviet satellite states. Now during the
21st century, Muslim extremists have persecuted Christians. In many
countries Christians but probaply also westerners, have been killed.
There have been many victims in attacks perpetrated in USA, Europe,
Russia, the Middle East and in Africa. In Stockholm people are trying
to damage Catholic-christianity also in the beginning of 2020.
I remembered the Catholic faith and especially the death of Jesus
Christ and the destruction of a temple when it was much thunders.
It was the year 2020. In 2021 still all Catholics cant live in peace.

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Persecution of Christianity

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